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Led 2x2 Panel Light

Led 2x2 Panel Light comes in large size with heavy power wattage up to 45W for adequate lighting applications in malls, hospital, offices etc.

Input Power 36W 40W 45W
Input Power 100-270V 100-270V 100-270V
Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Power Factor >0.90 >0.90 >0.90
Power Efficiency >85% >85% >85%
Lumens 540 1100 1650
CCT 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K
CRI 80+ 80+ 80+
Outer Size 135x135 135x135 135x135
Cutout Size 110x110 110x110 110x110
Housing Grade Aluminum ADC12 Aluminum ADC12 Aluminum ADC12

Led 2x2 Panel Lights

Led Panel Lights
Led Ceiling Lights For Homes
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